probably the best photo I’ve taken this year. Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked about this entire moment.

Currently updating this from Tumblr’s own OS X app. Kind of a strange idea that I’m using Tumblr in a seperate app onmy Mac and not in Safari. But, it does free up one tab for other stuff in my workflow.

Kind of looking forward to seeing how things are in the morning once Apple Pay finally rolls out to everyone. I think we’re on the cusp of something big happening. Something where the indispensible smartphone just becomes a bit more important. I’ve already foresaken my iPad for the fact that this new iPhone can do almost everything I want. Looking forward to getting the new iPad Air, for the mere fact that I want my iPhone and iPad to finally match. It’s always been mismatched: white phone, black iPad. black phone, white iPad.

Now that I’m back on that white phone lifestyle, I’m looking forward to making it match. A bit silly, I know, but things like this matter to the techy set.

I’ve also been on this trimming out kick recently. I’m making room for more stuff by getting rid of a lot of stuff. I suffer from a severe case of pack-rat-ism. Not too sure if that’s because I’m Filipino or not, but I tend ot have this deep seperation anxiety when it comes to stuff. I just need to learn how to keep only the essentials and stop buying things that aren’t really necessary to everyday life. It started with the shoes, it’s moved into clothes, and soon it’ll creep into my tech life as well.

In the past 12 months, I’ve pretty much upgraded all my stuff. New laptop and phone, looking to upgrade the iPad now. I’ve also collected a crap ton of bags. I’m looking to part with a bunch of them, trimming down to three that I use pretty much exclusively. I have a bunch of InCase backpack I no longer use, a Cocoon pack that I thought was cool, but definitely doesn’t work for the robust gentleman, and a Gravis backpack that just sits there.

Guess I’ll find a way to rid them because me having them around does nothing for me.

Trimming and re-evaluating life. Sounds like a game plan I can get behind.


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Things change. Mind sets change. Ideas make movement possible, but the only sure thing is that there is no such thing as a sure thing.

Big ideas on the horizon. Let’s see how it turns out.