FT: West Brom 0-2 Everton

A day for the Belgians. Lukaku gets things started in the 2nd minute. Mirallas gets one in the second half.

This performance is one that Everton supporters have been waiting for, reminding them of the promise from last season. Solid back four play from John Stones and a fantastic goal from Romelu Lukaku is the formula that the Toffees need to get the EPL campaign headed back in the right direction.

The lone bad spot was the Ballon D’Or campaign of the translucent Steven Naismith took a hit as he was called offsides on a few runs & missed a golden opportunity on a Lukaku rebound.

Otherwise, it’s going to be a busy week for the Toffees, with a Europa League clash against Wolfsburg on Thursday, followed by Crystal Palace on Sunday. #COYB

about a week behind the rest of the Royal Family Room trimming down but I had to get one more visit in before @nstyle goes on Daddy Duties. congrats on being first time parents Toney & @jade_daily. (at Nstyle by Toney)

my results for this week’s RANDOM BUZZFEED QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Starbucks Drink Order?

me after the Apple Keynote. a little disoriented, possibly on that Molly, just handing out money like I don’t know what I’m doing. nothing is intoxicating like Apple Keynote Days. Also, Wes Weller at the Kentucky Derby might be my spirit animal.

apple.com is back up… but with one thing missing. LONG LIVE THE IPOD CLASSIC.

even though the stream is getting weird, the video hideaway + IG like updates… crazy.

Game. On. Let’s see what’s been cooking in the kitchen, Uncle Tim.

this is a blueberry cheesecake macaron from La Tour Cafe. nothing too exciting about the macaron, but I’m all about that color palette though. South Beach LeBron color way? (at La Tour Café)

my results from this week’s RANDOM BUZZFEED QUIZ b

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